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Monday, December 9, 2013

Bleed Into You

Fingertips adoringly

Writing love songs

Upon my skin,

The tangled knot

Of limbs,

Heartbeats synchronized,

Passion, digging and biting,

Tearing apart

And putting back together

Into something

Much more beautiful

Than flesh against flesh,

Matching your breath to mine,

Sinking into this sublime

While the moon looks on,

I’ll bleed into you.
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Friday, November 8, 2013

She Dances

In silence, she dances,

Jerky, uncoordinated movements

Filled with uninhibited joy.

Oh, what orchestras and steel guitars

Are resounding through her being?

The steady bass beat of her heart

Pounding out the rhythm of her soul.

People sneak a glance then quickly

Snap their eyes away

From the spectacle she makes;

Unaware or unconcerned

She continues on her way.

Suddenly, she stops,

Frowning down at the concrete earth,

Then turns her gaze to the sky and laughs.

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

This Quiet Quest

This quest

Leads me

To these quiet pockets,

Where silence

Speaks volumes,

Training these ears

To listen

To the shifts and sighs

Of the life swiftly passing.

For it’s not the roars

That state our truths,

But the inaudible whispers

Only voiced

At concentration’s peak,

When still and attuned

We’re ready for answers

To questions we never knew to ask.
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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Thank you

Thank you

For breaking

This fragile heart;

For carelessly forgetting

To hold it gently in your hands.

Thank you

For making me last,

And putting you first;

For inconstant emotions

Leaving me on unsteady ground.

Thank you

For disregarding

All the gifts I placed at your feet;

For treating with contempt

All the emotions I laid bare upon my sleeve.

If you had loved me,

As I deserved to be loved,

I might have missed

All the joys

This world had in store for me,

Might have missed

The adventure and romance,

Passion and dance

Of a life well lived,

Might have never learned

The depth of my soul,

The height of my spirit,

And the truths only whispered

When you sit all alone.

So thank you for breaking my heart,

And releasing me

Back into the possibilities

Of this magnificent world.


Standing here at the precipice,

Fists at the ready

For the next hit,

The next blow,

Measuring the distance

Between the creation

And death,

By precise

Whispered words,

Impulsive steps,

And the unsteady

Rhythm of this beating heart.

What invisible force

Leads me into the infinite,

Keeps me kneeling

On shaky knees,

Hands clenched

In supplicating prayer,

Emits enough power

To turn the next stinging blow

Into a strength instead of weakness,

And forces me forever forward

With mountains of obstacles

Blocking my path?

Perhaps it’s because

Despite all contrary evidence,

And beyond all comprehension,

I feel the embrace

Of the uplifting spirit

In the dark corridors

And earthy pits

Littering this wicked world.

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013



That fickle,

Necessary component

To a sustained forward progress,

Makes fuzzy

The aches and pains

Of life’s struggles,

Takes off the sharp edges

Of the depression of joy,

Keeps the soul’s fires kindled,

And yearning for something
Sweeter around the next bend,
The fabled good life just out of reach.

Oh, Dylan was right,

I’ll rage against the dying

Of that flickering light,

For with the death of hope

Any life worth living

Ceases to be.

Monday, October 28, 2013

End Game

I choose to believe

That there is a reason

For every inexplicable

Action, or lack thereof,

In the universe;

That by and by

We will be enlightened

To the meaning behind

Our trials and tribulations;

That in the end

It will be immeasurably

Worth the endured pain,

The shattered hearts;

That these broken steps

Are leading me to the person

I was meant to be,

The person I must become

To find true happiness,

Blissful contentment.

So I take today’s heartache

And place it in the column

Of lessons learned,

Keeping faith that I am

One more stepping stone closer

To the rewards in which I’m heading.

The Flame Extinguished

Waking in this inky darkness,

Yearning for even the tiniest flame

To bring the safe comfort of light.

But you took it with you,

Eroding all the warmth,

Leaving an immeasurable chill.

How your presence used to burn in me,

I still remember its heated touch

Like a phantom limb

Tingling in the aftermath.

Now this ring on my hand

Nothing more than a pretty pebble;

And these sheets, that used to house

The intimate joining of hearts and flesh,

Are nothing more than cold cloth;

What used to be a home,

Now only bricks and wood assembled

On clay muddied by my tears;

Left with nothing but the hope

Of something more somewhere around the bend.

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Saturday, October 26, 2013



With debilitating grief,

As I watch you

Slowly wasting away,



Lacking the vital force

Of life that always drew people in,

Your magnetic pull.


From a distance I must


And wait,

And pray,

Holding on

To every miniscule

Glimmer of hope,

Clutching it tightly

In fear that it will slip away,

That you will slip away,

In the blink of an eye.


I cannot imagine a world

Without your laugh,

Without your hugs,

Telling me you love me,

That I make you proud.


Not ready to lose you,

Not yet willing

To let you go,

So I’ll just sit here

And continue to pray.

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Shattered Calm

He came inside,

And put his greasy mitts

On all the treasures

I had preciously guarded.


A bull rattling and breaking

The fine china patterns

I had painstakingly




Of such vulgar, common,

Disreputable things,

Insidiously broke

Through the gentle push

Of my resistance.


Weakness revealed

His opposing force,

His strength,


The graceful calm

I no longer know.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Open to the Possibility

I’m open to the possibility

That this time slipping

Past my fingertips

Was never mine to hold;


That these sweet tasting words

Will sour once this ripe love

Has fallen from the vine;


That the stars will dim,

And the moon will wane,

And this electric rush

Will fizzle and fade

As days wear on.


But with you soft against me,

Flame to flame,

Breath to breath,

Heart beating the same

staccato pulse as mine,

I’m willing to take that chance.

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Never Let Me Go

Fastidiously reviewing

Every clenching word

Out of your beloved mouth;

Searching for an enduring spark;

Hope that this love

Will live beyond

These troubled times.


Such a daunting task

Before us,

Fixing the bugs,

Holding tight

Even when fear of an end

Makes us flinch.


Pleading for passionate contentment

To intensify

While doubt recedes.

Choosing to trust that you’ll

Keep me close

‘Til the shaking passes,

And take on faith

The vow that only death will part,

And in between

You’ll never let me go.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Boys that Linger

Oh, the boys

That have flitted in and out

Of this used and battered heart of mine.

Some released with barely a flicker of pain,

No twinge in the demise;

Others causing shakes,

Like an addict in withdrawal,

Holding on too long, too strong

To the one ready to let go.

They linger

In the dark, quiet hours of the night,

As I wrestle with the

Would have’s, the could have’s,

And the should have been’s;

And review the gentle glide

Of whispered words of longing,

Of hands and lips upon my skin.

But at the break of dawn

I tuck them back inside,

And seek the next boy

To leave a mark.

Next Time

Next time

Your voice

Sings out my name,

It will be met

With an echoing silence.


Next time

Your eyes

Are drawn to my form,

They will only gaze

Upon the empty space

Of where I used to sit.


Next time

Your hand

Reaches for the

Satin smoothness of my skin,

It will only touch

The ghost I’ve left

And vacant air.


Next time

Your lips

Long to savor

The sweetness of my flesh,

They will only sample

The bitter taste

Of deep regret.


So brace yourself,

My love,

For next time

All that will be left of me

Are the memories.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sleepy Dreams

Sleepy dreams that bind us to the next,
Tripping into the rosy swirl

Like a drunkard weaving through the streets;

Such madness born here at the edge.

A prophetic call to join the fray,

Born in thunder, released in light,

Not at all what we expected,

But mends the cracks and breaks.

The world accepts the fastidious chaos,

And seeks the calming terror,

While we sleep between the sheets.
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Friday, October 11, 2013

Rising from the Ashes

These amber eyes are

Stronger today than yesterday,

Sharp resolve

And a willful fire

Burning deep inside,

Hurt subsides,

The love that used to fill

These amber depths

Slowly seeps out,

And a getting-over-you

Flame rises up,

Torching the last thread

Connecting me to you,

Revealing a healing heart

Rising from the ashes.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Maintaining Heaven

Such a dreadful thing,

This all-consuming joy,

For with its birth comes

The instantaneous fear

Of its hasty demise.

Surely these blissful days

Can never be sustained,

Not feasible to believe

That heaven will maintain.

So I wait for the other shoe to drop,

Wait for it all to end,

Holding on white knuckle clenched

To today’s paradise,

While it slips between my hands.

Monday, October 7, 2013

River Song

We walked down by the river,

The smell of the Savannah marsh

Thick in the air,

Twilight heavy on our shoulders.

Glances shy with infatuation,

The first stirrings of love

Whispering through our hearts.

Oh, the beauty of that day!

Wish I could tuck it inside

To live again and again.

Young colts unsteady,

But aching to learn

The rules of this complicated game.

Grazing hands,

Then grazing lips,

With soft sighs

Held and released,

All to the sounds of the river

Dancing past our feet.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Stars Within

Swept the stars into my hands,

Saw ripe diamonds against

My lackluster flesh.


They nest against me,

Trying to burrow inside,

‘Til they’ve blinked out of sight.


I’ll chance to let them enter

The secret basket in my heart,

Open to their clever little tricks.


Maybe their brilliance will bring

A glow to my skin and a fire in my eyes,

And captivate any who pass by,


So I’ll burn so much brighter,

And live so much stronger

With the stars buried deep, down inside.

Silly, Little Stories

I made up silly, little stories

To tell you

As I held your hand,

Trying to ease

Your wracking pain

The only way I knew how.

Made up funny rhymes

Just to make you smile

Through the glistening

Teardrops of your eyes.


Just hold on, my love,

It will pass,

It will ease,

It will leave your body soon.


And all the while

I’ll keep holding on,

Be by your side,

Wipe the tears,

And tell you silly, little stories

To make you smile.

A Cruel Game

Stinging blows

To this wounded pride,

Sharp, vicious jabs

That do the trick.


Knock me down a peg,

Bring me down a notch,

‘Til my knees are shaky,

And my eyelids burn.


Such a cruel game you play,

Laughing with the parry thrust,

The turning of the blade.


But now that I’m onto

Your twisted sport,

I’ll pick myself up,

Brush myself off.


No longer the victim,

I’m letting you go.
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Friday, October 4, 2013

Dirty, Little Tryst Backwards

From the mess we made
Avert our eyes
I'll go back to him
And you'll go back to her
I'll look right through you
Or look away if I see you in a crowd
And you'll do the same.
Pretend it never happened.
With other hearts still untattered,
With some dignity intact,
We should end it now.
Am I so shallow that it was all it took?
Was it thrill of danger that brought me to this room?
Than a meeting of flesh
Proposing nothing more.
Faithless, we dirty each other up.
With pretty lies
Concealing tawdriness
Too light to be true,
Your alleged love.
Clawing at the seams of this dirty, little tryst.

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Forward version of poem

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dirty, Little Tryst

Clawing at the seams

Of this dirty, little tryst.

Your alleged love

Too light to be true,

Concealing tawdriness

With pretty lies.

Faithless, we dirty

Each other up,

Proposing nothing more

Than a meeting of flesh.

Was it thrill of danger

That brought me to this room?

Am I so shallow that

It was all it took?

We should end it now

With some dignity intact,

With other hearts still untattered.

Pretend it never happened.

I’ll look away if I see you in a crowd,

Or look right through you,

And you’ll do the same.

You’ll go back to her,

And I’ll go back to him,

And avert our eyes

From the mess we made.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Life Again

I forgot what it was like,

Being sharp tongued

And full of fire.

I’ve been living

With this weighted love

For far too long,

Thought you were worth

A diminished me.


Now I feel again

That insatiable spark of life

Rushing through my veins,

The high of having possibilities

Brush my fingertips,

The flirty, playful

Pitter patter of my heart.


Though I’ll miss,

From time to time,

Your solid warmth

On lonely nights,

It’s worth the pain of losing

To feel the flow of life again

In a body almost numb.

Monday, September 30, 2013


I got lost

On country back-roads

And found

The true beauty

In the simplest of things


I got lost

In the music

And found

A gentle rhythm

All my own


I got lost

In the words of a book

And found

A voice all my own


I got lost

In his pretty blue eyes

And found

A sense of home

I had never known


I’ve found myself

By getting lost