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Friday, November 8, 2013

She Dances

In silence, she dances,

Jerky, uncoordinated movements

Filled with uninhibited joy.

Oh, what orchestras and steel guitars

Are resounding through her being?

The steady bass beat of her heart

Pounding out the rhythm of her soul.

People sneak a glance then quickly

Snap their eyes away

From the spectacle she makes;

Unaware or unconcerned

She continues on her way.

Suddenly, she stops,

Frowning down at the concrete earth,

Then turns her gaze to the sky and laughs.

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

This Quiet Quest

This quest

Leads me

To these quiet pockets,

Where silence

Speaks volumes,

Training these ears

To listen

To the shifts and sighs

Of the life swiftly passing.

For it’s not the roars

That state our truths,

But the inaudible whispers

Only voiced

At concentration’s peak,

When still and attuned

We’re ready for answers

To questions we never knew to ask.
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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Thank you

Thank you

For breaking

This fragile heart;

For carelessly forgetting

To hold it gently in your hands.

Thank you

For making me last,

And putting you first;

For inconstant emotions

Leaving me on unsteady ground.

Thank you

For disregarding

All the gifts I placed at your feet;

For treating with contempt

All the emotions I laid bare upon my sleeve.

If you had loved me,

As I deserved to be loved,

I might have missed

All the joys

This world had in store for me,

Might have missed

The adventure and romance,

Passion and dance

Of a life well lived,

Might have never learned

The depth of my soul,

The height of my spirit,

And the truths only whispered

When you sit all alone.

So thank you for breaking my heart,

And releasing me

Back into the possibilities

Of this magnificent world.


Standing here at the precipice,

Fists at the ready

For the next hit,

The next blow,

Measuring the distance

Between the creation

And death,

By precise

Whispered words,

Impulsive steps,

And the unsteady

Rhythm of this beating heart.

What invisible force

Leads me into the infinite,

Keeps me kneeling

On shaky knees,

Hands clenched

In supplicating prayer,

Emits enough power

To turn the next stinging blow

Into a strength instead of weakness,

And forces me forever forward

With mountains of obstacles

Blocking my path?

Perhaps it’s because

Despite all contrary evidence,

And beyond all comprehension,

I feel the embrace

Of the uplifting spirit

In the dark corridors

And earthy pits

Littering this wicked world.

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