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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Thank you

Thank you

For breaking

This fragile heart;

For carelessly forgetting

To hold it gently in your hands.

Thank you

For making me last,

And putting you first;

For inconstant emotions

Leaving me on unsteady ground.

Thank you

For disregarding

All the gifts I placed at your feet;

For treating with contempt

All the emotions I laid bare upon my sleeve.

If you had loved me,

As I deserved to be loved,

I might have missed

All the joys

This world had in store for me,

Might have missed

The adventure and romance,

Passion and dance

Of a life well lived,

Might have never learned

The depth of my soul,

The height of my spirit,

And the truths only whispered

When you sit all alone.

So thank you for breaking my heart,

And releasing me

Back into the possibilities

Of this magnificent world.

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  1. I swore I had THANKED you for participating. Strange...


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