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Monday, May 28, 2012

My Passing Fancy

You're just a phase
a shallow craving
of this fickle flesh
I should warn
your gentle novice heart
it's bound to break
if it trusts my
capricious love
I know it's cruel
to play these games
but I won't caution
'cause I want a taste
want to sear
your flesh with mine
want the rush
of getting under your skin
that heated look in your eyes
the bite of your fingers
as you lose control
so I'll hold you tight
and love you strong
'til the next fancy
catches my eye

In response to Three Word Wednesday

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Something Worthwhile

This battered heart
growing up
the hard way
learning to take
bruises and scrapes in stride
using these tears
to wash away the bad
clear out for the good
taking baby steps now
down the long and winding road
ran and fell enough
to learn that lesson
just want to finish the race
don't have to be first
placing faith that
grace'll get me through
and life will chisel
something worthwhile
out of me yet

In response to ABC Wednesday, Poetic Bloomings and Carry On Tuesday

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Love Song

Will you be my love song,
the syncopated rhythm
that moves me once again?
only your music will mend
this broken hearted fool
but I'm tired of listening
to the same old song and dance
so bring me something new
with chords that cut deep
and words that ring true
I'll let your melody haunt me
be my gentle lullaby
we'll slow dance to your heart beat
navigate the ebb and flow
juggle through the pitch
I promise not to lip-sync
if you let me hear the words
I'll memorize the chorus
sing it to the fawning crowds
the world will stop to listen
as we sing our hallelujahs
oh will you be the love song
that brings this heart to life

In response to Three Word Wednesday

Monday, May 14, 2012

Riding Waves

I've got a secret
just for you
and I'll whisper it
on your lips
let you taste
the angles
that make me smooth
a hit to get you fixed
climb in your skin
fill out your shell
my music
leads you on
try to turn away
and you'll come back
base affection
digging in deep
won't demand love
or even respect
waste a little time
throwing a fit
placing aces on the table
to get a winning hand
will you sink in
breathe it out
place a bet
you've got a sure thing
hanging on the edge
so slip inside
take my hand
we'll ride the waves
'til they bring us in

In response to ABC Wednesday

For a Moment Lost

I lost you
somewhere along the way
so sure you were
my solid ground
the north star
that wouldn't move
you took more than
a suitcase
stole my home
left me in
the shambles of a house
did I hold you too tight
not enough
or did I just mistake
affection for love
in the dark
on shifting sand
looking for a place to stand
looking for something
left to believe in
guess forever doesn't mean
what it used to
oh, well
it'll ease soon enough
the dizziness will stop
so I can find my feet
somewhere else I'll call home
and though I ache with your loss
all aches ease
and all storms pass

In response to Poetic Bloomings

Learning Curve

Learned so much from you
how to soar
and how to crash
happy beginnings
and bitter ends
how to love and hate
and feel hollow inside
learned that a heart doesn't shatter
it cracks and fractures along the way
that even messy, bloody endings
can begin so sweet
you taught me to laugh while making love
what making love really meant
then icy silences
and retreating from my touch
the empty, frigid side of the bed
I wish I could remember just the hurts
getting over you would be easier
but the good are so connected
leaving soft spots
that hurt the worst
good and bad
you were mine
for awhile
and I was yours
now all that's left is the aftermath

In response to Sunday Scribblings

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Time to Say Goodbye

Time to say goodbye
time to move on
pack up my bags
get good and gone
took a chance
and lost again
fought a fight
I couldn't win
bruised my heart
but it didn't break
I gave much more
than he let me take
seems he only
wanted a taste
such a pretty boy
such a waste
throw my hands up
fair and square
not begging for something
that isn't there
so he'll go his way
and I'll go mine
don't worry 'bout me
I'll be just fine
and if I think about him
every now and then
and sometimes wonder
what might have been
give me some leeway
cut me some slack
'cause it's every girl's right
to take a glance back
and remember the feel
of the last boy's arms
before falling into
the next one's sweet charms.

In response to Carry on Tuesday

Friday, May 11, 2012

Blind Leading the Blind

He takes my hand in his
clasped so tight
the knuckles turn white
The path he's choosing
I won't turn back
I won't let go
Who knows where it leads?
He doesn't I'm sure
He's just going on faith
that my hand will stay
clasped in his
that where we're going
is where we're meant to be
that the journey together
negates the need for a destination
So fearlessly he leads
and fearlessly I'll follow
Happy or bitter
we'll know in the end
'til then we're blindly
holding on

In response to Poetry Jam

Thursday, May 10, 2012


I quit
done shouldering the blame
for this busted love affair
tremble under a weight too heavy
to carry all alone
Took more than me
both kept piling up
a mountain of wrongs
to build a goodbye
You own up to yours
'cause it's time for me
to carry only my own
Have to dampen down this burn
ease up on the ache
by taking off some guilt
I'm done being the villain
in a love that couldn't last

In response to Three Word Wednesday and ABC Wednesday

Crazy Joyous Love

There's a sweet touch of madness
with your lips upon mine
a divine taste of freedom
a bold wildness
that sweeps me away
And every now and then
when your skin is flush with mine
and our hearts beat in time
it fills me up so full
I can feel it
coming out my pores
til I don't think
I can take anymore
but I always come back
jonesing for more
of the crazy, joyous love
I find in your arms

In response to Sunday Scribblings and Carry on Tuesday

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Dream

I had a dream
such a lovely dream
splendor within my grasp
hallelujah blessings
bursting in my sight
Don't want to wake
to this gloomy world
with heaven in my gaze
I try to grab
in clutching hands
but it slips through
like the wind
Oh, these elusive dreams
gone in the blink of an eye
Easy come
and hard to let go
maybe I'll dream it again

In response to Carry on Tuesday

Broken girls

A pretty girl
with broken eyes
all the boys
want to fix
A wounded soul
an elusive pull
foolishly jumping
into waters too deep
a taste of hero
shining armor knight
prove to the world
the boy's a man
she'll pull them in
she'll pull them down
to the depths
of a broken heart
watch out boys
for broken girls
they don't want to be saved
they just want to drown

Unsafe Game

Everybody knows
I broke the boy
played unsafe
with a gentle heart
He placed his faith
in a crooked game
conned by a
pretty mask
I need to repent
what I cannot fix
stop the forward motion
of the wreck of me
before the casualties mount
I want to turn away
from his stormy eyes
Don't want to see
the hurricane
my twisted love
brought forth
But if I don't face
the consequence
I'll just break
another boy
I'm tired of the chaos
tired of the mess
tired of the damage
I leave behind
So I seek the elusive
state of grace
to bring to life
a better version of me
where love is safe
and hearts are free
to take the crazy leap
for a hallelujah ending
instead of the fiery crash

In response to Poetry Jam, Sunday Scribblings, and One Single Impression.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fire and Ice

A penalized heart
took a chance
on a charming boy
with fire in his eyes
He left me cold
when he rescinded his warmth
such fickle heat
less generous than I thought
This numbing pain
has seeped into my bones
My over-sensitized skin
cringing at even
the slightest of contact
I need to find
some flames of my own
jump start a fire
just for me
stop shying away
break out of the ice
and curl up in a passion
all my own

In response to Three Word Wednesday