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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fire and Ice

A penalized heart
took a chance
on a charming boy
with fire in his eyes
He left me cold
when he rescinded his warmth
such fickle heat
less generous than I thought
This numbing pain
has seeped into my bones
My over-sensitized skin
cringing at even
the slightest of contact
I need to find
some flames of my own
jump start a fire
just for me
stop shying away
break out of the ice
and curl up in a passion
all my own

In response to Three Word Wednesday


  1. lovely and wise. this poem will make a marvelous mantra for women everywhere.

  2. so true you need to find someone who cares about you as much as you care about them.well written.

  3. At least you took a chance. Good for you.Victory only comes to the brave.

  4. Yes..I don't think fire and passion can be found outside of 'you''s just so hard to find that thing that melts the ice away..words..maybe? Jae

  5. Sometimes the hardest thing is finding happiness for ourselves, by ourselves.


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