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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Love Song

Will you be my love song,
the syncopated rhythm
that moves me once again?
only your music will mend
this broken hearted fool
but I'm tired of listening
to the same old song and dance
so bring me something new
with chords that cut deep
and words that ring true
I'll let your melody haunt me
be my gentle lullaby
we'll slow dance to your heart beat
navigate the ebb and flow
juggle through the pitch
I promise not to lip-sync
if you let me hear the words
I'll memorize the chorus
sing it to the fawning crowds
the world will stop to listen
as we sing our hallelujahs
oh will you be the love song
that brings this heart to life

In response to Three Word Wednesday


  1. Asking for a song with such a beautiful song itself..maybe the music is already half-way made..just need a harmony wonderful that would be! Jae

  2. Interesting take on the 3 words; beautifully expressed.

  3. Written with such longing and romance. Beautiful!

  4. aw I love this the song of the heart.

  5. So romantic! Brings this heart to life!


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