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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Thirty Years

Thirty years

Living entwined,

Cacophonous snores,

The smack smack smack

When he eats that

Causes a teeth grinding effect,

Prince Charming he wasn't,

But she had no claims of

Being a fairy princess.

Still, he was hers

Home precisely

Day after constant day,

Held her hand,

Rarely complained about her

Less than gourmet cooking,

Raised babies, paid mortgages,

On good days and bad, loved.

He was there,

Thirty years.

Death Speech for Richard III

I wrote this for my Shakespeare class. We had to write a death speech for Richard III, and I liked it enough to add here.

My bloody means led to a bloody end.

Was I doomed from the start, disfigured

Both inside and out, filled only with evil

Intent? Or did the river of blood that ran

From the brutal slayings of my forefathers,

Kin for kin, slayed for greed of power,

Taint my heart before I had a chance.

No honor can be seen in my chosen path,

I fought for the crown as those before me,

With conscience none, and twisted blade,

A true conniving Prince among men

Never worthy of the gaze of fair love.

But a crown taken through violence and

Trickery, will be taken away just the same.

So as my blood spills at finish, weep

Not for the villain lying slain, weep

For the Ros├ęd War that made monsters

Out of men of honor and cunning.