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Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Haunted Heat

I gave into your touch
so sure heaven was on the other side
the forest fires in your eyes
burned a path across my flesh
Oh, my willing flesh
turned to you time and time again
needing your skin against mine
a weakness I've never known
too quickly became far too necessary
You were a beautiful lie
But now you're gone
and I've got the shakes
my skin keeps forgetting its loss
your hands still take
every haunted path they've ever travelled
your scorching lips still imprinted
on all the parts you claimed your own
And while I'm sure I'll grieve this loss
I'll move on and find other boys
I don't want to lose this heat
your body left with mine

Fighting a Child's Impulse

Scolded like a child
frustration welling up
sharp and hard
roughing out all the smooth
the disrespect rang clear
reaction's of youth
fighting to take over
the hard learned adult

walk away
take a breath
or a hundred
cool the angry fire
burning at the surface
bury it until
I find the words
to navigate the minefields
just because I'm treated like a child
doesn't mean I have to act like one

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Just Me and the Beast

Such a haunted beast that dwells inside this aching chest of mine,
so precisely counting wrongs and keeping score
in a game I'm bound to lose.
A hopeless case,
flaunting scars like a warrior on the other side of battle.
No victory in this war,
the ending will always be bitter and heavy,
the ache that doesn't ease.
So clinically described,
so indescribable to those who've never felt the weight.
Hanging on by fingertips,
grasping at the wind for a moment of peace that'll never last,
just a flicker in the dark
left cold and alone in the shadows.
Just me and the beast.

Posted at ABC Wednesday- B is for Beast