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Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Amazing Grace

The angels sing,

For the beauty

With raven hair

And sky blue twinkling eyes,

That walks and talks

For the first time

On the streets of gold.

The choir swells

With joy,

Oh how sweet the sound

As she dances

And laughs

Before the One

Who made her perfect

In life and in death.

How precious she is,

Her mama and daddy’s heart;

But the Son

Could only

Live without

The bright shining sun

Of her soul

For the twenty five years

He leant her to us,

Then He called

His angel home,

And the heavenly choir

Sings Amazing Grace

With jubilation at her return.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tell Me It's Love

Your words hit hard

Leaving bruises and broken bones

Just beneath the surface

Of this thickening skin.

Tell me it’s love

One more time,

You keep making me forget.

So dull the blade

And hold your tongue

‘Cause this love

Can only take

So many hits

Before it’s knocked

Right out of this

Battered heart.

Foolish Dream

You exist

Between the lines

Of words I’ll never say,

In memories that never were.

For a moment

Your crinkled smile

Shone upon my face,

Your achingly sweet laugh

Brushed upon my skin,

And I froze,

Hardly dared to move

For fear of scaring

My beloved butterfly away,

Dared not touch

And mar the simple beauty

Just a breath away,

Knowing that to keep you

Would prove as futile

As grasping at the wind,

And only foolish girls

Dream of such things.


We fall

Back into

The same old patterns

All over again

Grasping at the remnants

Of emotions that

Died long ago

Such a hard habit

To break

This faded love

That phantom pull

Longing for a warmth

The heart has already released

The Passionate Choice

Mock and question

If you will

The passionate choice

I have claimed;

Twitch a shoulder

Or twirl an eye

As I follow

A heart consumed.


You will not

Have to lay

In my twisted sheets,

Nor taste

The dripping tears

Of lover’s lows.


You need not

Approve of my chance

To fly,

As I mire

In the soft grace

Of his adoring eyes

That smooth against

My skin;

The craving

That intensifies

The closer his heart

Beats to the beat of mine.


We’ll fight this battle

All alone

And turn a nose

At the scorn

That glints

Within your tone.


For this love

Weighs more

Than the most


Of victories

You place

In the middle

Of my path.

Saturday, April 26, 2014


Stranger in

This strange land,

Garbled tongues

I do not understand,

How I cling

Like to like,

Birds of a feather,

Yet still seek likeness

In the foreign,

For under

Skin, and customs,

And words,

You find the same

Strength, and faith,

And love.

Different isn’t

So different

After all.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

In the Dark Silence

The ache,

Of water

Long swept beyond this bridge,


In the dark silence

Of this room,

Can barely breathe

Buried under

All the blind choices

Leading me to

And leading me away,

Perhaps the ache

Is a me never fully realized,

Or maybe it’s just the echoes

Living within the shadows

In the dark silence

Of this room.