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Wednesday, December 9, 2015


We break
Again and again,
Yet still you lie here,
Soft and strong,
The gentle grace in your smile
Eases me through
Another heavy day,
Perhaps this calm
Preludes the thunder and lightning
Foundation rattling storm;
This sweet respite surely
Can never maintain
And we shall push and shatter
For eons more;
Oh, but determined love
What a beautiful mosaic
We will have created
With all the pieces

Sorrow's Prayer

With a shaking, breaking voice
She whispers through the willows;
'Dear Lord, please, dear Lord;'
Her keening wrenches the night in two
'Til bright diamond tears fall from the sky;
'Bring him back, dear Lord, bring him home;'
White knuckle clenched in supplication,
Her hands cling to strings of hope;
'I can't go on, can't live without;'
Wretched and twisted with grief,
Like covers, she pulls darkness close;
'Save me, oh Mercy, save this heart;'
Pleading eyes, the depth of a well,
Sting and burn with but a glance;
'If you can't, Lord, if you won't;'
Acidic loneliness corrodes,
Eats through what used to be a heart;
'Bury me deep, down so deep
This ache won't dare follow'

She Dances II

Jerky and uncoordinated

She dances without sound

People on the street left wondering

What orchestras and steel guitars

Are resounding through her being,

Twisting and writhing this expression of joy?

Some steady unheard bass beat of her heart

Pounding out the rhythm of her soul?

But they only dare a glance

Snap their eyes away,

Shocked, embarrassed, afraid

They scurry on their way;

Unaware or unconcerned,

That unseen choir pulses through her body:

Childish twirls and skips,

Sways and shuffles and leaps.

Suddenly, it stops,

Frowning down with marble eyes

At the cracked concrete earth,

Then turns her gaze to the fathomless sky

And with star lit eyes, she laughs.

Feeling the Blues

He put his decomposing soul on my lily untouched

Breathed his breath that smelled of death right into my lungs

And, Oh, Lord, I’ll never be the same,

So sure I’d never believe, worship, or adore

Because I touched that decomposing soul


Calla lily eyes never seen a stain before

Never seen one so broken they dirtied the world

These spots won’t go away

No matter how I pick and scrape

‘Cause that man’s stain sullied me up


That man’s crawly fingers climbed in places hidden

I feel it full through, every beat, every breath

It sneaks across my skin

Foul whispers in my ears

I feel those decayed fingers in every taste of love


Though the blemishes sit beneath the skin

And the soul feels the lingering pollution

I’m going to swell and rise

Won’t wallow in the stink

That decomposing soul will kill no part of me

Breaking Off

You are the backhanded blow and
The throbbing beat that pulses on
The sting sure to leave copper marks
Sharp and tangy inside my mouth.


I fastidiously review

Every clenching word that you chuck

Penknives aimed for precise bloodshed

Tearing my origami skin

With the reverence you would swat
The buzzing fly, small irritant
I have no higher rank than that

Pesky gnat you curse and berate


As I gaze into iceberg eyes

Glossy black staring back at me

And feel the blue fingers and toes

I taste the bite of letting go

Sweet Ruse

Let’s play a game

You say the word love

And I’ll do the same.

We’ll pretend for a while.

You can be the

Honey and sugar,

Teasing my tongue,

Milk chocolate goodness

Masking the shock of

Bitter nips and bites that

Slipped in and out

Of this hungry heart

Weaving broken spells;

Leaving these lips

Suckling at every

Honeysuckle in my path.


Will you make believe?

Just until the

Overwhelming sour


This acidic loneliness

Becomes memory


I’m well aware it’s

Much to ask

But I see such craving

For romantic confection

Mirrored in your gaze

So let us play a gentle ruse

On our flimsy, foolish hearts

And pretend

Mouthwatering longing

Is the intertwining drive

Just until sweetness returns

Or we believe.


*Touched up this poem- original can be seen earlier on the blog*
Swept the stars into my hands,

Saw radiant diamonds against

My lackluster flesh.

They nest against me, burrow inside,

‘Til they’ve blinked out of sight.

I’ll chance to let them enter

The carefully concealed

Corners of my heart,

Open to their clever little tricks.

Maybe their brilliance will bring

A glow to my skin and a fire in my eyes.

Sharp-witted and strong,

I’ll burn so much brighter,

Dream so much bigger

Captivate any who pass by,

With stars burning deep, down inside.


How to Write a Poem

You ask,
And I reply,
Hughes, Millay,
Ginsberg, Plath,
Oh, the list goes
On and on,
To create
First you must
Read read read
Until a spark
Ignites inside,
Take some time
To fan the flames,
Then rush rush rush
To put them down
Before they slip away,
Let them spill,
Then carefully
Snip and cut
And rearrange.
Walk away
Come back
Look with new eyes
Walk away
Come back
Trim and mold it again
Then you rest
And let your words

Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Wildness of You

The ghosts of

Charred grey loves

Lost to yesteryear

Causes a flinching heart

At even the whispers of

Your lips and skin

Leaning into mine.


But your fire,

Flaming red and strong,

Far more dangerous than

Sparks that drew

My childish gaze,

Makes my mouth water,

Makes my soul ache

Just to clutch you close


Should I,

Oh fearful heart,

Should I

Leap into the rising flames

Or can I live with

The choice,

The coward's choice,

Of a tame heart

That longs for the

Wildness of you.