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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Sorrow's Prayer

With a shaking, breaking voice
She whispers through the willows;
'Dear Lord, please, dear Lord;'
Her keening wrenches the night in two
'Til bright diamond tears fall from the sky;
'Bring him back, dear Lord, bring him home;'
White knuckle clenched in supplication,
Her hands cling to strings of hope;
'I can't go on, can't live without;'
Wretched and twisted with grief,
Like covers, she pulls darkness close;
'Save me, oh Mercy, save this heart;'
Pleading eyes, the depth of a well,
Sting and burn with but a glance;
'If you can't, Lord, if you won't;'
Acidic loneliness corrodes,
Eats through what used to be a heart;
'Bury me deep, down so deep
This ache won't dare follow'

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