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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Feeling the Blues

He put his decomposing soul on my lily untouched

Breathed his breath that smelled of death right into my lungs

And, Oh, Lord, I’ll never be the same,

So sure I’d never believe, worship, or adore

Because I touched that decomposing soul


Calla lily eyes never seen a stain before

Never seen one so broken they dirtied the world

These spots won’t go away

No matter how I pick and scrape

‘Cause that man’s stain sullied me up


That man’s crawly fingers climbed in places hidden

I feel it full through, every beat, every breath

It sneaks across my skin

Foul whispers in my ears

I feel those decayed fingers in every taste of love


Though the blemishes sit beneath the skin

And the soul feels the lingering pollution

I’m going to swell and rise

Won’t wallow in the stink

That decomposing soul will kill no part of me

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