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Saturday, October 26, 2013



With debilitating grief,

As I watch you

Slowly wasting away,



Lacking the vital force

Of life that always drew people in,

Your magnetic pull.


From a distance I must


And wait,

And pray,

Holding on

To every miniscule

Glimmer of hope,

Clutching it tightly

In fear that it will slip away,

That you will slip away,

In the blink of an eye.


I cannot imagine a world

Without your laugh,

Without your hugs,

Telling me you love me,

That I make you proud.


Not ready to lose you,

Not yet willing

To let you go,

So I’ll just sit here

And continue to pray.

Posted at Poetry Pantry and ABC Wednesday


  1. Prayers have healing power and their strong connection will never ever let go off our most prized possession.

  2. Continuing to pray... Sometimes you are not able to help a person and that is when you start wishing.
    A concrete picture of the sadness of letting go. Beautifully expressed.

  3. praying is the best thing we can do....esp in the face of loss...the hardest for me to ever face was my of the hardest days in my life....

  4. This is so heart wrenching...powerful words that touch the heart deeply. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Oh, this poem really struck a chord with me, Tracy. I've been in your position as well.....and it is VERY hard. I don't think we are ever ready to lose a person we love. (I did find writing poetry helped as well.)

  6. It's so intense and sad. I think it's worse for people around a sick person than for the person himself.

  7. Sometimes that is all we can do--sit in the moment, and pray--this just really struck me today Tracy!

  8. Tracy, you have written grief as deep as it gets - so hard to know the loved one is slipping away, while one still clings to their presence. So heartbreaking. Write your way through it, kiddo. It is about the only thing that helps - it also records the journey, so one day you can see how far you have traveled.

  9. I can feel your grief & it is so hard.....praying gives us hope.

  10. You must now this first hand to have written this and I'm sorry for your hardship! I'll pray tonight for you and your loved one!

  11. Oh, my, have I been there... Great POEM.

  12. Very moving words. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

  13. I too have been there and feel your loss. Your poetry is a gift. It's also a healing tool.


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