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Wednesday, October 30, 2013



That fickle,

Necessary component

To a sustained forward progress,

Makes fuzzy

The aches and pains

Of life’s struggles,

Takes off the sharp edges

Of the depression of joy,

Keeps the soul’s fires kindled,

And yearning for something
Sweeter around the next bend,
The fabled good life just out of reach.

Oh, Dylan was right,

I’ll rage against the dying

Of that flickering light,

For with the death of hope

Any life worth living

Ceases to be.


  1. this is definitely true life isn't worth living without hope. I love that poem of Dylan Thomas'.

  2. So very true. If a person does not have hope they really cannot find joy in life. Without hope there is nothing....

  3. Absolutely..hope is always necesary..nicely written..

  4. Hope is an inherent part of all of us and probably the rest of the animal kingdom as well. Certainly the pet dogs we owned definitely had it!

  5. Hope is essential. It is the spice of life.

  6. hope draws on us, good write

    much love


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