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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sleepy Dreams

Sleepy dreams that bind us to the next,
Tripping into the rosy swirl

Like a drunkard weaving through the streets;

Such madness born here at the edge.

A prophetic call to join the fray,

Born in thunder, released in light,

Not at all what we expected,

But mends the cracks and breaks.

The world accepts the fastidious chaos,

And seeks the calming terror,

While we sleep between the sheets.
Posted at Sunday Whirl


  1. It is safe between the sheets..wrapped up in dreams..

  2. visceral. and seeks the calming terror - brilliant.

  3. Dreams may mend the cracks and breaks. Calming that's a phrase.

  4. I'm prone to nightmares, so often I don't even find solace between the sheets. My nightmares have inspired a lot of my writing, however.

  5. Dreams are like a lottery, a random selection by your tired brain that doesn't guarantee a peaceful night.

  6. Whoa! A prophet who calls us to join the fray! What kind of prophet is THAT?!

    My Sunday Whirl

  7. fastidious chaos
    calming terror
    excellent juxtaposition!


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