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Monday, October 7, 2013

River Song

We walked down by the river,

The smell of the Savannah marsh

Thick in the air,

Twilight heavy on our shoulders.

Glances shy with infatuation,

The first stirrings of love

Whispering through our hearts.

Oh, the beauty of that day!

Wish I could tuck it inside

To live again and again.

Young colts unsteady,

But aching to learn

The rules of this complicated game.

Grazing hands,

Then grazing lips,

With soft sighs

Held and released,

All to the sounds of the river

Dancing past our feet.


  1. Oh wow I love this and I especially love the ending :) cathartic

  2. Ah, the stirrings of love are wonderful to remember, aren't they? Your poem was filled with joy.....and make me remember too.

  3. Truly terrific piece of writing - I was there with you! Great stuff - quite uplifting and TRUE Thank you... With Best wishes Scott

  4. So romantic, this took me back.

  5. This is very tender and sweet and reminds me of when I was sixteen........

  6. oo la....ha...reminds me of youth and first times...and fumbling and figuring it out as you go along...the river makes a fine backdrop to it as well...smiles...

  7. This brought back memories to me too. What a time that is when love is fresh and we are fresh with love.
    Anna :o]


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