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Monday, October 28, 2013

The Flame Extinguished

Waking in this inky darkness,

Yearning for even the tiniest flame

To bring the safe comfort of light.

But you took it with you,

Eroding all the warmth,

Leaving an immeasurable chill.

How your presence used to burn in me,

I still remember its heated touch

Like a phantom limb

Tingling in the aftermath.

Now this ring on my hand

Nothing more than a pretty pebble;

And these sheets, that used to house

The intimate joining of hearts and flesh,

Are nothing more than cold cloth;

What used to be a home,

Now only bricks and wood assembled

On clay muddied by my tears;

Left with nothing but the hope

Of something more somewhere around the bend.

Posted at The Sunday Whirl


  1. So poignant--you drew me in with the opening line and I really hope that there is "something more somewhere around the bend!"

  2. How well this reads of a love that has ended with such excruciating imagery.

  3. I liked the ending that at least the hope remained from the love extinguished.

  4. I hope that every bend in the road leads to something better..the sense of loss comes over in waves..BTW your words re never silly!

  5. Great job with this write. Like a phantom limb is a wonderful line.


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