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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Stars Within

Swept the stars into my hands,

Saw ripe diamonds against

My lackluster flesh.


They nest against me,

Trying to burrow inside,

‘Til they’ve blinked out of sight.


I’ll chance to let them enter

The secret basket in my heart,

Open to their clever little tricks.


Maybe their brilliance will bring

A glow to my skin and a fire in my eyes,

And captivate any who pass by,


So I’ll burn so much brighter,

And live so much stronger

With the stars buried deep, down inside.


  1. Yes, I hope you do let those stars shine through your skin and eyes...and personality. Liked your poem.

  2. Oh, yes! I love how you pulled the stars inside yourself. Gorgeous response to the words.

  3. The stars inside are the best kind..long may they shine..

  4. Lovely! And do keep those stars!!

  5. Oh I really loved this poem and the way the stars could change the narrator's life for the better.

  6. Enjoyed.
    (My flesh is lacklustre - my body requires a few buried stars I think...)
    Anna :o]


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