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Friday, October 11, 2013

Rising from the Ashes

These amber eyes are

Stronger today than yesterday,

Sharp resolve

And a willful fire

Burning deep inside,

Hurt subsides,

The love that used to fill

These amber depths

Slowly seeps out,

And a getting-over-you

Flame rises up,

Torching the last thread

Connecting me to you,

Revealing a healing heart

Rising from the ashes.


  1. Yes, hurt does gradually subside. Now that is done you can start planning your life again.

  2. Beautifully written and quite moving.

  3. We all must rise from the ashes..over and over it feels at time..

  4. lovely that you are rising from the ashes, continue to be that beautiful phoenix

    much love...

  5. I could just picture those beautiful amber eyes looking in a mirror and seeing the resolve inside, staying strong and knowing that one can survive anything and grow beyond the hurt that one can feel.

    Happy Theme Thursday and hope you have had a great week.

    God bless.


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