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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dirty, Little Tryst

Clawing at the seams

Of this dirty, little tryst.

Your alleged love

Too light to be true,

Concealing tawdriness

With pretty lies.

Faithless, we dirty

Each other up,

Proposing nothing more

Than a meeting of flesh.

Was it thrill of danger

That brought me to this room?

Am I so shallow that

It was all it took?

We should end it now

With some dignity intact,

With other hearts still untattered.

Pretend it never happened.

I’ll look away if I see you in a crowd,

Or look right through you,

And you’ll do the same.

You’ll go back to her,

And I’ll go back to him,

And avert our eyes

From the mess we made.


  1. It takes two...who is perfect?

  2. 'we dirty each other up' a wonderful Old Egg says who is perfect..shame we judge ourselves so some ways at least..


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