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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

She Dances II

Jerky and uncoordinated

She dances without sound

People on the street left wondering

What orchestras and steel guitars

Are resounding through her being,

Twisting and writhing this expression of joy?

Some steady unheard bass beat of her heart

Pounding out the rhythm of her soul?

But they only dare a glance

Snap their eyes away,

Shocked, embarrassed, afraid

They scurry on their way;

Unaware or unconcerned,

That unseen choir pulses through her body:

Childish twirls and skips,

Sways and shuffles and leaps.

Suddenly, it stops,

Frowning down with marble eyes

At the cracked concrete earth,

Then turns her gaze to the fathomless sky

And with star lit eyes, she laughs.

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