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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Sweet Ruse

Let’s play a game

You say the word love

And I’ll do the same.

We’ll pretend for a while.

You can be the

Honey and sugar,

Teasing my tongue,

Milk chocolate goodness

Masking the shock of

Bitter nips and bites that

Slipped in and out

Of this hungry heart

Weaving broken spells;

Leaving these lips

Suckling at every

Honeysuckle in my path.


Will you make believe?

Just until the

Overwhelming sour


This acidic loneliness

Becomes memory


I’m well aware it’s

Much to ask

But I see such craving

For romantic confection

Mirrored in your gaze

So let us play a gentle ruse

On our flimsy, foolish hearts

And pretend

Mouthwatering longing

Is the intertwining drive

Just until sweetness returns

Or we believe.

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