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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Just Me and the Beast

Such a haunted beast that dwells inside this aching chest of mine,
so precisely counting wrongs and keeping score
in a game I'm bound to lose.
A hopeless case,
flaunting scars like a warrior on the other side of battle.
No victory in this war,
the ending will always be bitter and heavy,
the ache that doesn't ease.
So clinically described,
so indescribable to those who've never felt the weight.
Hanging on by fingertips,
grasping at the wind for a moment of peace that'll never last,
just a flicker in the dark
left cold and alone in the shadows.
Just me and the beast.

Posted at ABC Wednesday- B is for Beast


  1. Tracy, you described the battle with the beast well. I do hope it is not so that there can be no victory over it & hope that there will be many moments of peace.

    Nice meeting you here in the Poetry Pantry, Tracy. I hope you will get to know others in our community, as you receive comments and visit other sites of those who frequent this space.

  2. We all have beasts that we wrestle at times. I think you have captured the feelings of desperation that can cause at times.

  3. I know it can feel like there is no victory, but I hope there is. Down with the beast!

    Hope you like my pantry poem.

  4. "hanging on by fingertips
    grasping at the wind
    for a moment of peace" you've captured the beast perfectly through your words...I hope someday it will be freed and peace will return for a long, long reign.

  5. I do do hope you win the fight with the beast and perhaps putting you feelings into words is the first step in your fight back?

    Anna :o]

  6. There IS victory over this beast. I hope if this is biographical, you get some help to fight it tooth and nail. I know that my daughter, maybe didn't kill it but does control it instead of it controlling her!

    abcw team

  7. Yes, most of us can definitely relate.
    Strength to your protagonist.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  8. Strong and heartfelt words. Wishing you all the best. Carver, ABC Wed. Team


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