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Monday, May 28, 2012

My Passing Fancy

You're just a phase
a shallow craving
of this fickle flesh
I should warn
your gentle novice heart
it's bound to break
if it trusts my
capricious love
I know it's cruel
to play these games
but I won't caution
'cause I want a taste
want to sear
your flesh with mine
want the rush
of getting under your skin
that heated look in your eyes
the bite of your fingers
as you lose control
so I'll hold you tight
and love you strong
'til the next fancy
catches my eye

In response to Three Word Wednesday


  1. yes unfortunately there are always fickle people like this.Great work

  2. A tight, direct write. You hold back no punches in this well honed piece.

  3. Well said. Honesty in heart is most important.

  4. I really enjoy your work. This especially tickles my fancy. :)
    Well said, well worded, well done.


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