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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Unsafe Game

Everybody knows
I broke the boy
played unsafe
with a gentle heart
He placed his faith
in a crooked game
conned by a
pretty mask
I need to repent
what I cannot fix
stop the forward motion
of the wreck of me
before the casualties mount
I want to turn away
from his stormy eyes
Don't want to see
the hurricane
my twisted love
brought forth
But if I don't face
the consequence
I'll just break
another boy
I'm tired of the chaos
tired of the mess
tired of the damage
I leave behind
So I seek the elusive
state of grace
to bring to life
a better version of me
where love is safe
and hearts are free
to take the crazy leap
for a hallelujah ending
instead of the fiery crash

In response to Poetry Jam, Sunday Scribblings, and One Single Impression.


  1. Very touching poem you've written here. It gives insight on the feelings on one side of a broken and ending relationship.

    My poet in a simple acrostic penned the beginning of a relationship for a man who had been avoiding those ties of affection.

    Jim's OSI

  2. Very honest and soul-searching poem. I like its redeeming quality, wanting to find grace. Yes, there is hope still in love :)

  3. I like the short lines in this and the feeling of stark honesty. Excellently done!

  4. Beautifully honest, and that is a quality I really appreciate. I do think we are all seeking hallelujah endings, and I wish one for you. I am so glad you have found Poetry Jam.

  5. Here is my link to the poem on "Everybody Knows."

  6. So I seek the elusive
    state of grace
    to bring to life
    a better version of me
    where love is safe
    and hearts are free

    This holds such a sweet honesty. This poem is very humbling. Thank you!

  7. smiles....yeah i agree, i like the humility in this in realizing we are jacked up or where you jacked up...breaking the boy got my attention up front....nice take on the PJ prompt...

  8. always better to have a good ending then end up like a dead evil kenivil

    the river

  9. Very nice...I think we need to find our peace and safe haven, or else we will just continue to break more hearts

    My share:

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