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Friday, May 11, 2012

Blind Leading the Blind

He takes my hand in his
clasped so tight
the knuckles turn white
The path he's choosing
I won't turn back
I won't let go
Who knows where it leads?
He doesn't I'm sure
He's just going on faith
that my hand will stay
clasped in his
that where we're going
is where we're meant to be
that the journey together
negates the need for a destination
So fearlessly he leads
and fearlessly I'll follow
Happy or bitter
we'll know in the end
'til then we're blindly
holding on

In response to Poetry Jam


  1. Really well done, Tracy. I agree that the destination is not nearly as important as the journey, especially if you have the right traveling companion at your side. Thanks so much for sharing this with us over at Poetry Jam this week!

  2. smiles...doesnt matter where we are going as long as we are togethere...i like that as a philosophy of love and life...

  3. Holding on to one another is a wonderful way to travel through life! I enjoyed your write and also thank you for hanging out at Poetry Jam.

  4. I really like your poetry. I need to visit again. Thanks for visiting me.

  5. In this day and age when so many find it impossible to 'hold on to each other' ... your poem refreshes!

  6. Methinks love is the only, and the best thing, to hold on to...

  7. Love "the journey together negates the need for a destination". So true. Lovely to have a companion on the journey!


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