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Monday, May 14, 2012

For a Moment Lost

I lost you
somewhere along the way
so sure you were
my solid ground
the north star
that wouldn't move
you took more than
a suitcase
stole my home
left me in
the shambles of a house
did I hold you too tight
not enough
or did I just mistake
affection for love
in the dark
on shifting sand
looking for a place to stand
looking for something
left to believe in
guess forever doesn't mean
what it used to
oh, well
it'll ease soon enough
the dizziness will stop
so I can find my feet
somewhere else I'll call home
and though I ache with your loss
all aches ease
and all storms pass

In response to Poetic Bloomings

1 comment:

  1. "you took more than
    a suitcase
    stole my home
    left me in
    the shambles of a house
    did I hold you too tight"

    Really loved these lines especially.

    And the overall desolate reflection that found some kind of peace by the poem's end.


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