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Sunday, November 3, 2013


Standing here at the precipice,

Fists at the ready

For the next hit,

The next blow,

Measuring the distance

Between the creation

And death,

By precise

Whispered words,

Impulsive steps,

And the unsteady

Rhythm of this beating heart.

What invisible force

Leads me into the infinite,

Keeps me kneeling

On shaky knees,

Hands clenched

In supplicating prayer,

Emits enough power

To turn the next stinging blow

Into a strength instead of weakness,

And forces me forever forward

With mountains of obstacles

Blocking my path?

Perhaps it’s because

Despite all contrary evidence,

And beyond all comprehension,

I feel the embrace

Of the uplifting spirit

In the dark corridors

And earthy pits

Littering this wicked world.

Posted at Sunday Whirl


  1. Sometimes..if not all times..the battle inside..not mention being in this world..with all its problems is huge..but somehow we get through..that is faith indeed!

  2. I like the placement of your "?". With faith obstacles don't always have to block our path, just make us rethink how to continue on the path.

  3. Turn every adverse situation into a positive one. I liked the way you worked your way through the anguish to making use of that uplifting spirit.

  4. Hope is essential to live in this wicked world. Well done.

  5. Love the positive slant against wickedness. An uplifting spirit works miracles.

  6. I too love the positive slant, the hope, essential to living in this wicked world.


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