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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Just Me

J is for Just Me

I just am
I can't be anything more
maybe I should be prettier or smarter
be nicer, purer, more true
should certainly be more
more motivated, more ambitious
simply more

But I'm just good enough
I just make the cut
won't be the favorite
have my name in bright lights
don't do all that I should
enough to get by
enough to get through

But there's comfort in not being perfect
in accepting all that I am and I'm not
so at the end of the day
I'll proudly proclaim
all I'll ever be is just me

In response to ABC Wednesday at


  1. I think most of us JUST make the cut...
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. Beautiful take on the prompt, Tracy! That sense of being "fine just as you are" is a rare quality. So many folks pine to be more or better or... they get plastic surgery, you know? This resonated with me, one hundred percent! Thanks for staying YOU. Peace, Amy

  3. It's important to find that balance between being who and what you can be and being who you are. Beautiful, comforting, inspiring take for "J".

  4. Hello.
    Accepting who or what we are makes life so much easier. There's nothing wrong with being just you. Nicely penned! Thanks for sharing.

    Justified Indulgence

    1. Thank's! Easier said than done more times than not. But it's certainly a noteworthy goal.


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