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Sunday, March 18, 2012


I is for Infertile

Every woman dreams
of a soft, sweet bundle
flesh of flesh
all her own

The call
call of nature
for a generation
to pass on

I feel it
more every year
tick, tick, tick
of the broken clock

A rounded belly
mother's proud smile
baby's laugh
brings a soul ache

Oh, the look
poor infertile girl
nothing to do

"You can always adopt."
"The improvements in science"
"Find other passions"
they say
mean well

But never the miracle of life
growing in my womb
first kicks
baby's move
creation all my own

Instead the ache
of the brokenness
of me

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  1. This is so poignant, but one has to face reality and the truth so as to consider alternatives. My own daughter has about a 25% chance of ever becoming pregnant and even if she did, it would be an extremely high risk as she has bipolar and is on meds. Go off the meds? She could become extremely sick. Stay on the meds? It could affect the baby. So...consider the alternatives. Giving birth biologically does not make a mother. Being a mother is so much more!

    abcw team

  2. It was very touching. I know my wife and I took over three years before she finally got pregnant, and it was stressful.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. Leslie I fully agree with the saying: Giving birth biologically does not make a mother. Being a mother is so much more! And there are so many children that need a stable family and a mothering figure. It is just such a heartwrenching thing to get the news that statistically speaking I will never be able to give birth. I had to curl up on myself for awhile before I could realize there are other hopes and that though I first felt it was so, it is not the end of the world.

    Thank you Leslie and Roger for commenting. This one especially was soul bearing, and I appreciate the understanding and positive reviews.

  4. Hello.
    I feel for you, I really do since my own wife cannot have children due to health complications a few years ago. Miss Leslie is birth does not make a mother & like you yourself said, there are so many children desperately in need of someone to love, nurture and care for them like a mother should.
    Poignant & touching post. Thanks for your openness & honesty in sharing. Best wishes to you.

    Intimate Moments With You

  5. Thank you. There is a very slight chance with the right treatments I could become pregnant, but it is unlikely. I am coming to terms with it. Some days are just harder than others. And I fully agree with you Leslie, being a mother is so much more than biology. I try to live by the saying that life deals you the cards and it's what you do with them that counts.

  6. I could not have children - infact I was so very poorly I was glad to have survived. My thoughts are with you, sincerely and deeply.

    ABC Team


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