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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Words in My Head

I'm tripping over
the words in my head
won't leave me alone
til I put them to bed
on paper with pen
or a shiny new post
they'll keep rolling around
they'll shout and they'll boast.

They repeat every word
over and over again
put one line down
and it's started again.

So get them out now
cause they're driving me crazy
I just want to sleep
be stupid or lazy.

When it's 3 am
and my eyes are half mast
they're unwanted guests
but want the party to last.

It makes me insane
this gift that's inside
I know it should be
a source of great pride
It is when I'm not tired
and trying to sleep
or accomplishing all
the tasks in my week.

I don't want to lose them
if I don't write them I will
I just long for some silence
and my mind to be still.

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