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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Beautiful Trickster

I'm on to you
Beautiful Trickster
with dewey blooms
fragrant and colorful
breathtaking and new

Oh, let's not forget babies
so cuddly and cute
promises of youth
the world again renewed.

But youth will lose it's luster
Spring can never last
This elegance before me
Doesn't baffle me at all

I'll look at the vibrant colors
but I'm on to your sick scheme
Spring is just the promise
That winter will negate.

In response to Three Word Wednesday at
and Poetic Bloomings at


  1. Tracy, "your sick scheme," that cracked me up. It's such a great talking-to that the weather definitely deserves! I suggest you forward this to the local TV meteorologists for consideration... (wink). Loved it! Amy
    Here's one for true love:

    1. Thank you! With this crazy pollen, it certainly does need a talking to!


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