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Monday, February 20, 2012

Thank You

When it's my time to go
Thank the nighttime stars
For granting me a smallness
In this vast universe.

Thank the man in the moon
For listening to my prayers,
And offering a smile
To a lost and lonely girl.

Thank the springtime flowers
For coloring my world.
And thank the fallen leaves
For giving elegance to death.

Thank the whipporwill
For singing my heart's tune.
Thank the babbling brook
For lending a friendly ear.

Thank the roaring fire
For lighting up my world,
Wrapping tight around me,
And warming up my hands.

Thank the gentle summer rain,
For quenching my deep thirst,
For singing me sweet lullabies,
And washing past pains away.

So when it is all over,
Give life my gratitude
For showing me such beauty
And the heart in which to view it.


  1. Oh, how absolutely beautiful!!!


    1. Thank you! Having just read Broken Melody on your site, I take that as a huge compliment.

  2. That is an attitude of gratitude... Thanks for sharing, it's a wonderful psalm.


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