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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Breaking My Toys

I always break my toys,
It happens every time.
No matter the gentle intentions,
I never play within the lines.

Somehow all you see
Is an angel in my eyes,
You don't see what's broken
And the lies I try to hide.

You smile at me so sweetly,
Your heart is open bare,
Your hands hold me gently,
I know it isn't fair.

To me it's just a game,
And I always play to win.
I'll break every rule
So I won't lose again.

You never stood a chance,
I've been hurt too many times.
Broken beyond repair,
By men of the wrong kind.

The scars have made me cold,
I calculate every move,
And harden up my heart
From feeling any love.

I'm not worth the risk;
Moth, run from the flame.
Turn your eyes away,
I'll cause you too much pain.

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