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Friday, February 17, 2012

Don't Ask Why

Why should I speak when my words disappear,
Quickly lost to the march of time?

Why should I smile, or cry, or laugh
When it's nought but a fickle change of mood?
In a moment it's gone, and I'll have moved on
As though it never happened at all.

Why live a life filled full of strife
When you're only one in a billion?
Is it worth all the struggle for barely a ripple
That's gone in the blink of an eye?

I haven't the answer, not even a clue
But I'll keep marching forward
And never question the reason.

Maybe it's simple, something inside,
The fear of the end.
The fear of life's death.

And I guess it needs no explanation.
It's simply the thing that you do.
You just go on living, put away all misgivings,
And keep on day after day.

So settle in tight for a long bumpy ride
And don't give up 'til it's over.
And maybe someday the why will be answered
But even if not such is life.

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