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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Conversation with God

I've seen Hell.
He let me visit,
see the landscape

He tells me
"I'll let you go there
the choice is yours
but you know I'm here.
It won't be easy
I won't let you
take the easy way out
but you know I'm here."

I'm so weak
   "I'm not"
Not strong enough
   "I am"
Why would you want me?
   "I do"
I want...
   "I know what you need"

I preview this wicked view
I see and feel the fear
as if it were air
and I can't breathe
I want to be lost
but the cost is too high
I know who wins in the end
But is the fight for freedom in me?

I listen to His voice
"You have to choose
I won't let you play
both sides anymore.
It's all or nothing,
you're either his
or you're mine."

You won't leave me?
   "I haven't yet"
I will surely falter more often than not
   "Keep focused on Me, I'll teach you the way"
What if...
   "Trust me, no half measures, really trust me."

You know me
I always fail
I am always too sick
too tired
too weak
I say I will
but even if I really try
I fail
   "I don't"

I can't move
   "I'll move you"
I'm so weak
   "I'll make you strong"

As I look around I can see
what I'd become
lost souls scared of the dark
broken hearts that
just keep breaking

I then look to the light
as the gentle, loving voice asks
"It's the moment of truth,
 who do you choose?"

Taking a deep breath
and a leap of faith

You, I choose You.


  1. I think so many of us can relate to this conversation with God. You portray the indecision, doubt, fear very well. Faith doesn't come easy, but it's worth taking that leap.
    I liked your poem very much.

  2. Just wanted to mention: some time ago one of my blog readers asked if I could disable the word verification feature. I didn't know then it was possible, but it is. Mine is disabled now. It makes leaving comments so much easier. You need to switch to the old blogger interface; once you've disabled the feature and saved the changes, you switch back. (If you have comment moderation, that's all you really need to protect yourself from unwanted comments.) :-)


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