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Monday, January 23, 2017

Ode to Life

When I am gone, and all that remains is dust,

I give you my sincerest gratitude

for rainy lullaby nights and the crisp rays of dawn;

For dandelions, birthday candles, and falling stars

to whom I entrusted all my deepest wishes;

For airplane tickets and full tanks of gas

pushing me forever forward.

You showed this heart what it means to be alive

with every infatuation, intertwining intimacy, and shattering end.

For every tumble that scraped up my knees

you taught me how to stand,

and to never hang my head in shame at the fall.

For every fissured, cracked heart,

you showed the strength in the mend.

And I overflow with appreciation for that spark,

whether it was a dim glow or a raging wildfire,

that kept my fingertips reaching for dreams.

So, Life, please accept my offering of thanks

for the breathtaking beauty of this world

and the generosity of a heart with which to view it.

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