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Sunday, September 29, 2013

I Should Have Screamed

I awaken to find

His lips and tongue

On places he had

No permission to touch,

No permission to see.


In shame I do not scream

Or fight, kicking and scratching,

I simply freeze.


Praying it’s not true,

Just a nightmare

That soon will end.

I look away,

My stomach heaves

At the sight of his lips on my skin.

Please God just make it stop!


Forever after I feel the fear,

And disgust,

And violation,

And I burn with hate

For that man and his actions.

And forever after

 In self contempt I think

“I should have screamed.”

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  1. like a punch in the should never does
    and it destroys lives....and turns hard in the pit of my stomach...
    well written....

  2. The shame is the perpetrator's, kiddo, not the child's, though I know it is normal for kids to carry it. We are trained not to scream, not to make "a fuss", trained to suppress our voices, our feelings. Powerful write. I hope you scream now, sometimes!

  3. A tough subject to write about, horrible and hard to look at. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I can't seem to understand why someone in such a situation would not scream. and a topic we should talk more about these days.


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