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Friday, October 21, 2016

Letter to Me

To Me,

Don’t listen.

When they tell you to be quiet, boom.

When they tell you pretty is far better

than a passionate, generous heart and a clever mind,

choose to be someone who loves fiercely in the softest of ways,

who has a ferocious, eternally open mind.

When only skin deep, beauty withers and fades,

so build and chisel your inner exquisiteness to last a lifetime.

Don’t believe that conformity is essential for acceptance,

you're deprived of the joy of knowing someone amazing,

with fair weather friends who disappear with a shifting tide.

When they tell you God is dead, believed only by fools,

seek the life-altering force of prayer, and the magnificent comfort of grace.

Never let religion get in the way of your faith.

Love God fervently, zealously, completely unashamed.

Beware of certainty, for fear your mind will become hard and narrow.

Leave room for new ideas and perspectives to enchant you.

Stay away from fights with an unyielding mind,

the only thing that will change is your peace.

Carefully pick the opinions that matter, blatantly ignore the rest.

When they tell you only a relationship makes you whole, laugh,

then prove them wrong by travelling the world all by yourself,

and falling in love with the freedom and the silence.

If they say kindness makes you weak, have the strength to be kind,

that you must hide behind a picture-perfect facade,

be bravely and openly imperfect.

Tell people you love them, even when it's uncomfortable,

even on your darkest and stormiest days when anger rages,

even when it’s a tangled mess of love and hate.

Remember that everyone is flawed, walking our paths blind,

so cut them some slack.

When someone hurts you, forgive,

even when they don’t want your forgiveness.

When you hurt someone, apologize,

even if you have to tear the words from your lips,

even when you’re not sure you were wrong.

Fail. Make mistakes. Don’t be scared of them.

If you don’t fall, you never learn the might of rising.

Don’t always play it safe.

Forever, let part of your soul remain impulsive and wild.

Dream enormous dreams, dreams that will take a lifetime,

then work like hell every day to achieve them.

Allow yourself to cry, to break down, to scream,

and when you’re done, laugh until you can’t breathe.

And most importantly, be thankful for every damn bit of life,

the wonderful and the awful, because it’s yours.



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