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Friday, August 31, 2012

Holding Patterns

such a strange affair
caught between wisps
of forgotten words
lost in the shadows
the expectations of yesterday
too heavy a burden to bear
secret looks of contained longing
a brief electric touch
the ebb and flow
that pushed us together
then pulled us apart
never really free
never really claimed
stuck in holding patterns
released long ago

In response to Three Word Wednesday and ABC Wednesday


  1. Holding familiar and yet until i read your poem i hadn't named them..maybe that is their power..a lingering..unspoken..electrical force..jae

  2. That's what we are in right now...a holding pattern for Hubby and I.

  3. been there. for sure.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. Lovely composition.

    Hygiene, your comment will be highly appreciated.
    Have a great Wednesday

  5. Well written thought!

    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  6. Lovely, tender and moving words from you my friend.

  7. Oh how stirring!!! It really makes me think and reflect. Just lovely. Thank you.


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